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automatically generated KPI reports

Automatically Generated KPI Reports breathes life into Data Analytics Warehouse

How a simple need to automatically generate KPI Reports, led to the creation of a massive data analytics warehouse and the display of real-time metrics throughout the business. In doing, it helped position our Client for increased customer agility and operational responsiveness.

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semantic traffic technologies

SEO vs Semantic Traffic Technologies

Old school SEO vs Semantia Traffic Technologies – Concepts shaping the new way for getting your online information and assets discovered.

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semantic traffic technologies

Understanding Semantic Traffic Technologies

The way humans interpret information and the way IT (computers and software) interprets information is very different. Semantic traffic technologies capitalise on the fundamentals of the semantic web for high-performing, search traffic generation.

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cloud automation

Using Cloud Automation and Geocoding Services to Streamline the Lead Distribution Workflow

How do you go about addressing the challenge of distributing more than 800 leads per month across 35 sales reps …

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cloud automation and project management

XaaS Hooks for Infusionsoft™ Extends Cloud Automation and Project Management

With a growing number of cloud integration platforms available as SaaS solutions, connecting many of the most popular project management and CRM solutions, one could mistakenly be led to believe it to be plug-n-play.

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Semantia Launches Calc123
A Calculation Engine for creating high-performance SaaS solutions using Excel®



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