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The New Breed of B2B digital business customers

Getting Ready for the Changing Face of the B2B Digital Business Customers

Get an understand of how B2B digital business customers are changing and what their expectations from suppliers are now and will be in the future.

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Unhappy Customer Reputation Management

Reputation Management and Managing the Unhappy Customer Experience

Managing your brand and reputation online has long been a challenge. We want the good news to stay top of mind for as long as possible and the bad stuff to disappear as quickly as possible. Social media makes that hard, but many businesses make it even harder by themselves

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Social Media Strategy Twitter Honeypot

Using a Twitter Honeypot Social Media Strategy to Increase Online Reach

Getting greater reach with your social media strategy without spending your advertising budget is fast becoming a thing of the past. As social networks rush to monetise their platforms, the only way to reach your followers and friends is to pay to boost or promote what you post. The Honeypot Strategy turns social media strategy on its head and uses purposeful content to draw your audience to you and extend your reach.

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persuasive marketing copy for neuromarketing

Neuromarketing: Influencing with Persuasive Marketing Copy

A look under the covers at how NLP, Neuromarketing and Story-telling is changing the way people write marketing copy to influence and persuade at a deeper level. To create high converting marketing messages.

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Semantia Launches Calc123
A Calculation Engine for creating high-performance SaaS solutions using Excel®



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