About Semantia

Automation for Mid-sized Businesses

Semantia is a strategic technology services and advisory company. Through its specialty business divisions the company provides a comprehensive range of software development, systems integration, semantic web development, business process outsourcing, digital marketing, online marketing automation, conversion rate intelligence and business IT insights and advice.

Semantia collaborates with clients to deliver solutions optimised for business success including increasing performance in sales and marketing, reducing errors and processing times for data & identifying new insights from analytics for leaders to make better informed business decisions.

intelligent technology + human experience

Semantia offers innovative solutions for:

All our services have the common goal of delivering measureable financial growth and returns for our clients by providing the highest quality of service and expertise.

Our Vision

Our Vision is quite simply:

To provide the infrastructure for Australian small and mid-sized businesses to market their products and services into the Asian region.

We provide clients with innovative strategies to:

  • Deliver strong financial returns through the seamless integration of technologies (old & new);
  • Ensure effective returns from growth and costs savings gained with business automation;
  • Optimise the digital value chain with suppliers, customers and partners;
  • Improve the quality and reliability of clients’ online engagement while reducing costs;
  • Identify opportunities to grow revenue and market share, that also increase efficiency and productivity; and
  • Implement innovative strategies that deliver immediate and ongoing financial returns.

Current Mission

We Deliver our Vision by:

  • Providing solutions tailored to our clients’ needs;
  • Aligning to clients who share the same value;
  • Attracting the best talent who can demonstrate an ability to innovate and achieve results;
  • Working with partners to ensure we have the best talent in each field, required to deliver on promises to clients;
  • Selectively choosing our partners against strict criteria including demonstrated alignment with our values; and
  • Undertaking continuous testing, measuring and improvement of our services to always be best of class.

And in doing so, become the preferred Online Marketing Automation and Technology Services company for small and mid-sized businesses in Asia-Pacific.

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