Business models today evolve for 3 reasons. Technology Disruption, Commoditisation & Competition. Primarily Technology Disruption.

After a short hiatus, we’re back.

We recently completed the launch of Conversion Leadership – a fully automated marketing service that’s rockin’ it with the small to medium business community.

Our clients were asking us for an automated digital marketing service that closes the loop on Online Sales. And that’s what we built.

Prior to Conversion Leadership

We’ve been asked to solve complex IT problems like in…forever.

From the commoditisation of the server platform and open systems, the Dot.com boom and Y2K, Open Source Software and Enterprise Application Integration to Enterprise Architecture and the emergence of social business models, we’ve parallelled a similar evolution here at Semantia. For more 20 years managing we’ve been managing and keeping abreast of technology disruption.

Our loyalty to our clients has allowed many of them to reciprocate with long-standing commercial relationships that extend over 10 years.

  • Incorporated as UniCure Pty. Ltd.
  • Developed technology platform strategy to Australian Bureau of Criminal Intelligence for the largest Unix Oracle database platform
  • Develop technology benchmarking methodology to Ipec for the largest Unix Ingres database in the world.
  • Established Asia-Pacific UNIX Partner Technology Program for Tandem Computers Inc.
  • Delivered Electronic Messaging System (EMS) to Singapore Telecom
  • Winner Tandem Outstanding Performers (TOPS) award
  • Established Global UNIX Partner Technology Program for Tandem Computers Inc.
  • Developed global model for Technology Partner Centers for Tandem Computers Inc.
  • Developed E-Commerce Services Practice for Compaq Services
  • Delivered 1st Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) across the Internet through ANZ Bank
  • Delivered 2st Secure Electronic Transactions (SET) across the Internet through Westpac Bank
  • Developed E-Business Consulting Practice for Dimension Data
  • Held role of Virtual CTO for Orica online venture - MySpace
  • Solution architecture for automotive component logistics solution for Toll Autologistics and Holden Australia
  • Designed automotive transport and logistics solution for Toll Vehicle Distribution
  • Delivered intelligent External Sequenced Parts solutions for Toll Component Logistics and Ford Australia
  • Released agent-based system monitoring and alerting solution
  • Architected warehouse management system for Coles Group
  • Led the solution architecture and integration activities for technology transformation program at Sensis
  • Commenced focus on Digital Marketing
  • Launched Conversion Leadership as the premier Digital Marketing solutions provider in Australia
  • Developed and launched David Guest online strategy and content distribution network
  • Developed comprehensive online business strategy for Toll Auto
  • Developed and launched Agenix Limited website and content distribution network
  • Developed closed-loop digital marketing and optimisations solutions to PrixCar Transport Services
  • Developed spreadsheet enablement engine for highly-complex rating processes.
  • Nominated finalist for Innovation at the Business Excellence Forum 2013

Semantia Launches Calc123
A Calculation Engine for creating high-performance SaaS solutions using Excel®



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