The Team

Luce Chandon

Luce Chandon completed Year 12 in 1982 and headed off to University to study a degree in Chemical Technology. Not content with the prospect of a lifetime of wearing a white lab coat, he left prematurely to optimistically pursue a musical career.

His fascination for computer programming during a single semester through his University years ultimately led him on a journey into this industry. Needless to say, his musical fortunes didn’t eventuate.

More than 30 years on, he has delivered a string of technical “firsts” and held leadership positions at numerous national and multi-national IT companies.

Luce is sought after because he takes a “no bullsh*t” approach to IT and the application of technology to solving business problems.

With a Masters Degree in Intelligent Systems (RMIT University), his musicianship having never really left him, he’s often heard working with an artificially-intelligent back-beat.

Indra Chandon

Indra Chandon is Director of Persuasive Engagement at Semantia and has a Master of Technology (MTech) in Internet & Web Technologies.

With a background in finance and accounting she brings a strong focus on business fundamentals and profitability to client projects, then adds the wow with her experience and learnings from psychology, in particular – how to influence and persuade through website design.

As the “Champion of People” when it comes to systems and solutions design, Indra keeps a watchful eye on projects to make sure that when they’re implemented they have made life easier and faster for users.

Indra’s guilty pleasure is Kpop music. Her ‘kryptonite’ is caffeine which means that in coffee culture central (Melbourne) she’s that odd person ordering the decaf.

Kin Lok Wong

Kin Lok Wong (Lok) joined the team in January 2014 as our lead Digital Marketing Solutions Architect & Web Development Specialist.

Having completed his Master of Technology (MTech) with a Major in Web Computing, Lok has become single-mindedly focused on finding innovative solutions to many of the common problems experienced by businesses looking to do more with less online.

As our resident Infusionsoft expert, Lok takes the digital marketing initiatives designed for you and makes them available for the international market.

Lok is also a “Time Warlord”. We don’t know where he finds the time because if he’s not working back late, improving things for clients, he still manages to find clever new and creative ways to get results (…and he rarely drinks coffee!)

Trevor Knoll

Trevor Knoll (re)joined the Semantia family in 2015 after a long absence and is affectionately known as the “millisecond man” – extracting every ounce of performance from the systems and software delivered to clients.

As our guru in virtualisation and cloud-based computing, Trevor joins the team as Solution Architect for our .Net software development and infrastructure management initiatives.

Trevor’s experience in enterprise computing brings a new level of maturity and sophistication to Semantia’s service offerings – from selection of cloud-based platforms to B2B integration and desktop virtualisation.

Trevor’s a born storyteller. When he’s not personifying the technology he builds, he’s sorting through and categorising his “trevor-trove” of colloquialisms.

Claire Frost

Claire Frost joined Semantia in 2017, bringing her passion for storytelling and narrative in marketing, as well as her contagious enthusiasm for digital marketing & video.

Having completed her Masters in Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne, she is fascinated by people and their stories. This passion drives her work in digital communications for Conversion Leadership, as she believes that every interaction online is important in shaping brand personality and understanding social trends and evolution. She thrives in the environment where she can bring businesses closer to their target client base.

This intrigue in online etiquette and storytelling brought her to marketing where she loves to create and manage marketing communications, driving engagement and supporting the relationship between brand and audience.

Claire is a devoted cinephile and Batman enthusiast. In her spare time she can be found in the theatre, or tearing up Melbourne on roller skates “Roller Derby style”.

Clare Callow

Clare Callow is our wonder girl over at Conversion Leadership who has a hand in writing your website content, creating your lead magnets or authoring your blogs.

As resident Online Copywriter and Storyteller, Clare has been with the team since 2012 while pursuing her thespian ambitions and sharing her talents by teaching others at Box Hill TAFE, RMIT, CAE and Victoria University.

In fact, Clare began her career in newspaper journalism before moving into magazine editing. She later worked in advertising, book publishing and technical writing, and has specialised in writing for the Web.

Clare is a regular blogger writing restaurants reviews (be warned, she is not a fan of brioche as a burger bun!). She is also keen to point out that, in her experience, all aspects of life are better when shared as stories.

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