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Partnering with Semantia is an excellent way to earn revenue and connect with growing companies.

Referral Partners

Semantia has a passion for helping companies grow their business while eliminating the stress of multisystem chaos and manual tasks. Our partners are a huge part of our success, and as a result, our Referral Partner Program is like no other in our industry.

As a Referral Partner, you’ll earn up to $2,500 commission per sale by referring your clients and network to Semantia. Our team will teach you who our target market is, how to approach them and what materials to use to get them excited about our capability.

Earn up to $2,500 per sale

Semantia pays you up to $2,500 per sale for every person you refer to us.

Generous Commissions: Receive a substantial commission the month immediately following the sale. For your first 3 sales, you’ll earn $1,500. Based on the number of sales you generate, we’ll increase your commission payout per sale to $2,500.

To give you an example of how much you can earn in this model, if your referral purchases our $4,995 Startup Consulting Package, you’d earn $1,500 for this sale.

View the below chart to determine how much commission you will receive based on volume.

11+ Total Sales $2,500
4 – 10 Total Sales $2,000
1 – 3 Total Sales $1,500

† 12 month period, reviewed annually on October 1st
‡ Based on the Startup Consulting Package.

You may wonder why we offer such an enticing commission percentage. Our purpose is to help businesses succeed, and we know to succeed you need capital. Our generous commission payment gives you the capital you need to accelerate your own results and grow your business quickly.

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