Advanced Internet Technology

Like many of our clients, you have unique needs and distinct requirements. In many cases, these can be satisfied through off-the-shelf software and services.

Often however, your needs are specific to the way in which you operate your business.

Whether it’s a need to reduce your IT operating expenses, an opportunity to enter into new markets with new services or even a desire to correct inefficiencies within your Organisation, our clients turn to us to provide specialised and bespoke software solutions to fulfil their needs.

Autonomous, Intelligent, Agent-Based Integration

Sometimes, you business problem cannot be easily coded using conventional object-oriented or procedural approaches. This is because, in some cases, the problem space can on be expressed as a set of rules and tasks.

IT Managers in Manufacturing, Distribution & Logistics are often confronted with the problem of how to satisfactorily take an operational concept from the real world and develop a solution that not only supports it but can act as a virtual manager to the physical tasks.

As availability to data and intelligence become critical differentiation points for competition in the current economy, it is essential for any organisation with ambitions for leadership, let alone organisations just wanting to survive, that access to these – in real-time – is acquired as a priority.

Semantia has a focus on developing specialised solutions to specialised needs.

When we engage with a client, we seek to understand requirements from an operational perspective and use an array of artificial intelligence, Semantic Web and agent-based technologies to introduce efficiency and optimisation supported by intelligent software solutions.

Our custom developed software solutions borrowing from state-of-the-art intelligent, agent-based concepts has been deployed in areas as diverse as Inline Vehicle Sequencing Operation for Ford Australian and Toll Autologistics as well as an insurance claims processing system designed to automatically evaluate insurance claims using Semantic Web techniques.

Advanced Internet Technologies from Semantia can be used to reduce operating expenses associated with carrying out a series of tasks as well as aiding companies to develop a new stream of revenue.

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XCE Web-Enabled Spreadsheets

XCE - Excel Calculation Engine

If use spreadsheets in your business, you’ll want to know about XCE – our advanced web-enabled Excel Calculation Engine with XDK technology.

XCE gives your customers access to complex spreadsheet-based calculations completely within a web-based framework.

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