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Continuous Improvement & Actionable Analytics

According to Pegasystems, one of the most important trends in the industry is the emergence of data engineering.

Especially analytics of Big Data with tangible benefits obtained by organisations that unlock insights hidden in vast amounts of digital information.

Business automation and technology integration uniquely positions an organisation to intelligently respond to demands for continuous improvement through actionable analytics.

The sources and types of data are both heterogenous and span multiple social networks, CRM systems, user contributed content, transactional data as well as data warehouses and custom-developed applications.

Strategies for actionable analytics can leverage both predictive and adaptive models and provide the right level of decision making criteria to guide continuous improvement efforts.

Actionable analytics means, in the very first instance, instrumenting technology for taking the right measurements. If it’s webpage-level analytics you want, make sure your webpage is accurately recording meaningful details at both a micro and macro level.

At a micro level this may mean recording the page’s address (URL), the page’s title, META tags and descriptions used on the page.

At a macro level, you will want to contextualise a single page in the scheme of the eco system you’re attempting to model.

For the webpage example, you’ll also want to instrument the page to obtain other meaning insights such as the previous page that led a visitor to the current page, the link they clicked on, text surrounding the link, the time spent on the page and which links (and surrounding text) they clicked on to leave the page.

The objective is to use the collected data to build a meaningful profile or map of your website’s navigation.

By doing this you will then be in a position to use statistical evidence to improve and optimise the site’s outcomes towards your business objectives.

Imagine a scenario in your business that lets you:

  • Act upon key performance indicators;
  • Continuously innovate and out compete your competitors;
  • Continuously improve through intelligent business automation;
  • Continuously gain strategic insights from way your customers use your systems;
  • Learn and adapt your business through actionable analytics.
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