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#ConversionCentredDesign: What Will Matter for Website Success in 2018

Conversion Centred Design may not have popped-up on your radar yet, unless you’re paying attention to what’s happening in the world of User Experience Design.

What is Conversion Centred Design

Conversion Centred Design is the practice of designing experiences that achieve a single business objective utilising persuasive design and psychological triggers.

7 Principles of Conversion Centred Design diagram courtesy of Oli Gardner

In the world of business website design, it’s the new “black”.

Most of us are already familiar with the concepts in conversion centred design without necessarily knowing that there is a name for what we’ve been doing.

If you’re responsible for the success of a business website, you’ve probably spent a great deal of time focused on conversions and may be thinking “what’s the big deal”.

The big deal is that in 2018 all that work that you’ve been doing to improve conversions will finally get some prominence and recognition, as Conversion Centred Design becomes a thing for CEOs.

So here’s a heads-up on what will hit the headlines to grab your boss’s attention in 2018.

Three Conversion Centred Design Hot Zones to Pay Attention To

1. Getting People on Paths Through Your Content

As CEOs want even more for less, the focus to get more conversions from a wider range of shoppers will become a priority.

Creating attention-grabbing entry points to pathways through your content – both the informational (educational and informative) as well as transactional (nurturing and sales) will become part of what you’ll be asked to deliver.

This means you’ll be revisiting your Ads, headlines, page layouts, calls to action, visuals as well as the intentional paths through your site and what you’re doing with interactivity.

2. Evidenced Design Decisions

The fierce battle for attention will push business leaders to look more closely at how decisions about the website and online activities are being made.

Using the Attention Ratio, AdRank/Quality Score and Full Funnel Conversion Score for giving reasons why you abandon something, change others and keeping doing what is working.

For us, that means more spreadsheets and keeping track of the numbers that matter for conversion centred design.

  • The Attention Ratio is the ratio of interactive elements to the number of conversion goals (which will always be one).
  • The AdRank is calculated using your bid amount, the components of Quality Score (expected clickthrough rate, ad relevance, and landing page experience), and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.
  • Full Funnel Conversion Score is the measure of conversion rate at each stage of your funnel calculated to provide an overall score that is tracked.

Attention Ratio example courtesy of Oli Gardner 

As they say… Always be looking further down the funnel to make sure your goals are being achieved.

3. Building Credibility

In 2018 there will be even more manager requests to outrank and outperform the giant in your industry, which means getting to work on credibility.

You’ll be doing a lot copywriting asking people to trust you and finding more ways to tell the world that your company is competent and produces quality all in the name of increased credibility.

Research conducted by Fuan Li and Paul W Miniard for their paper On The Potential For Advertising to Facilitate Trust in the Advertised Brand, in Journal of Advertising Volume 35, Issue 4 from 2006 .

The authors evidence that asking people to trust you will increase the measure for trust indicators.

For your Website to experience even more success in 2018, review everything through the lens of the 6 Principles of Persuasion and you’ll be ready for all those curly questions and odd requests.

Semantia builds and designs websites using conversion centred design principles, applying persuasion and neuromarketing research to create success for B2B companies through their online presence.

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