disruptor with legacy systems

Become a Disruptor with Legacy Systems and Shake up your Industry

With many labelling legacy systems a time bomb, we ask “Is it possible to be a disruptor with legacy systems?”

Moving away from legacy systems is downright difficult when you’re a part of a large organisation.

An organisation grows with legacy systems and the software becomes a lifeline for the workflow of the business.

We’re here to tell you, you don’t have to make drastic change in order to become a disruptor within your industry.

It’s about the small, incremental changes that drive you to disruption.

The Pitfalls of Becoming a Disruptor with Legacy Systems

As technology evolves it doesn’t take long for software to go out of date.

When you FINALLY choose a system that works for your organisation, that software is a few updates away from being unsupported.

The growing demands of the IT world mean you need to maintain technological relevance within your industry.

The scenarios that an operator must face when working with a ‘mission critical’ legacy system are:

  • Vendor Patch and Maintenance of Legacy Systems – ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Legacy System No Longer Vendor Supported – The vendor no longer supports the software they created for you.
  • Custom Built Legacy Systems – these systems are complicated and costly to upgrade.
  • Plan for Obsolescence – Legacy systems will begin to downgrade your competitive advantage when they aren’t able to meet the demands of new technology.

Rather than continue down the path of working around your legacy systems, it is possible to integrate them with your new systems.

Software Integration Facilitated by XaaS Hooks – A Disruptor for Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are at the core of mature businesses, along with a constant refinement of mission and values.

It’s no surprise then that to be a disruptor you must transform the core of your business.

The reality is being a disruptor has little to do with your tech choices.

Being a disruptor with legacy systems is about using your current tech to ENABLE change.

Rather than relying on your tech to be the disruptive force in your business, you need to consider your business model to identify the changes you need to make and allow the tech to facilitate this change.

“When you’re a disruptor, you need to purposefully think and act differently, to see the opportunity where others haven’t looked.” – Kara Goldin

Find new and innovative ways to accelerate the development of your work and industry.

Allow your legacy systems to facilitate the process and gradually integrate them with new tech systems.

This is possible through XaaS Hooks.

disruptor with legacy systems

We built XaaS Hooks to bring webhooks, semantics, machine learning, big data and visual analytics to legacy system APIs. This way, they can effectively participate in the same environments as current best-of-breed systems and technologies.

XaaS Hooks helps facilitate the merging of old systems with new environments; as demonstrated through our work bridging the gap between Infusionsoft and dapulse, the XaaS Hooks became an ‘intelligent extension of Zapier’.

If you build around your legacy systems with new, integrated software systems, you’re better positioned to have migrated away from the constraints of burdensome, legacy systems.

You don’t need to throw away your legacy systems; you can keep them doing what they do best.

When you surround the legacy system with XaaS Hooks you allow it participate in a new economy.

To become a disruptor with legacy systems in your industry you need to use XaaS Hooks for system integration.

Semantia creates solutions that supports the integration of old systems with the new, giving you the edge in business technology.

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