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Dominate the Industry as a Disruptor with Intelligent Automation

Could it be possible to use intelligent automation both liberate a business from operational load and disrupt an entire industry?

To become a disruptor in your industry you must find innovative ways to shatter the industry norms and find new and different ways to operate.

New ways will leave your competitors in the dust.

A high operational load weighs your business down with repetitive but mundane tasks and the solution is to use intelligent automation.

When your business flow is free from operational load there is ample opportunity to refocus in order to generate outcomes that shake up your industry norms.

Enhance Human Capabilities with Intelligent Automation

There are processes that are vital to keep your company alive and running.

These processes, the ‘operational load, require a lot of time from employees doing a large amount of administrative-style tasks.

They often require the migration and sharing of data and information.

In the case of one client, Property Investors, it was resource allocation for the State Manager and the sharing of information with the sales team.

In highly competitive industries, resource allocation takes precious time and, as a system, can be improved through automation.

Property Investors moved to an automated process of distributing leads through Infusionsoft.

Since making the change to allow for advanced lead allocation, they have been able to streamline their workflow and have provided a better system to scale business opportunities.

For the sales team, all the information about a specific prospect is generated as a PDF and sent directly as a sales brochure.

Since Infusionsoft is the company’s main CRM, the PDF is also stored against the contact record and allows them to easily keep track of leads and prospects.

What this also means is that when a sales rep needs to contact a mortgage broker, or any other party, the prospect’s information is easily accessible because the automated system makes it available to the relevant parties.

The State Managers, who were once tasked with the job of manually allocating leads to specific sales people, now have the time to really put their expertise to work.

“Individuals who feel valued contribute more, do better work, are more engaged, are loyal and passionate about their work and have positive interactions with the people they work with.” – Switch and Shift 

Improve business functionality and incorporate intelligent automation into your workflow.

Property Investors found ways to use intelligent automation to optimise their resources, allowing more time to achieve advantage over their competitors.

With proven results in productivity it’s no wonder organisations are turning to automation, manufacturing company, Feinmetall Singapore, increased productivity by 10% after turning to intelligent automation.

Intelligent Automation Benefit Innovation?

Our work with Property Investors has allowed them to reduce wasted time with menial tasks and instead, focus on the work they’re specialists in.

Intelligent automation helps eliminate “grunt work” and maximises efficiency because your skilled staff can focus on significant value-added functions.

“For skilled employees [automation] presents an opportunity to add greater value to the business” –Thomson Reuters 

When you’re dealing with systems needed by your business to function, its clear that automation accelerates results.

As many leaders will attest, industry disruption starts with an idea and this can only happen because you’ve empowered your skilled staff to come up with those ideas and make it happen.

Wondering where intelligent automation could be disrupting your industry? Get in touch today to discover how your business could become the innovative, disruptor  in your industry with intelligent automation! Call 1300 766 328

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