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SEO vs Semantic Traffic Technologies

Old school SEO vs Semantia Traffic Technologies – the new way for getting your online information and assets discovered.

So let’s talk about the difference between SEO and Semantic Traffic Technologies and why it matters that you are across the future of search indexing and being found.

The Semantic Traffic Technologies Back Story

Did you ever stop to think about how Siri and Ask Google have changed how you search?

Once upon a time you’d bash out a few keywords and the search engine you were using would do it’s best to find relevant matching webpages.

Now thanks to voice recognition and AI, you can talk to your smart phone the way you’d talk to a regular person and get it to find what you want.

The way that Siri and Ask Google function are fundamentally different to the old school keyword search of the past.

Search Engine Optimisation

Semantic Traffic Technologies

Keyword phrases Natural language
Backlinking Conceptual associations
META tags Semantic Markup
Search term relevance Concepts
Uniqueness Originality
Freshness Dynamic content

Getting from keywords to concepts requires a different way of thinking about how you add context to your information.

If you’re using SEO tactics you’ll still be adding META descriptions and getting seriously fixated on things like keyword density and originality. All important activities if your target audience is spending a lot of time on a web browser searching for information.

All that SEO effort is unfortunately wasted when it comes to those who are Asking Google or Siri to find your information.

For a start, these mobile savvy people are using natural language questions to discover the information they want to know. Whether it’s information that exists within the apps on the device itself or out on the Internet.

To some, this may seem all too futuristic and irrelevant for business… a fun gimmick that won’t survive.

The problem is that it isn’t just about search engines; having meaningful and contextually understandable information is what’s driving initiatives like Big Data, Internet of Things and AI.

Sticking With SEO vs Semantic Traffic Technologies

You may be thinking that Semantic Traffic Technologies are some flash new thing that’s going to put a massive dent in your bottom line. That’s where you’re wrong.

Semantic Traffic Technologies have been around for a while now. You may remember quite some years ago the hype of the Semantic Web… well that’s when all this kicked off.

So the technologies are tried and tested.

The only reason you’ve probably never heard of Semantic Traffic Technologies is because it needs specialist knowledge in logic and linguistics. Something the average SEO dude may not be familiar with or trained in.

In fact, it’s mainly because SEO has become so formulaic that there are so many people offer these services and the number one reason why you’re probably doing SEO and not Semantic Traffic Technologies.

At Conversion Leadership, our position is that any mid-tier company that wants to be ready to compete digitally, wants to get a bigger market share or simply wants to stay relevant with changing consumer behaviours (both B2C and B2B) relying solely on SEO is going to let you down very soon.

How to Choose between SEO and Semantic Traffic Technologies

At the end of the day, you need to make a decision about what you’re going to do about everything you’ve got going on online.

The investment you’ve made in your website, webstore, social media activities, SaaS solutions, syndication feeds, data analytics and anything else you’ve got going on. Do you need to protect these investments and what does it cost you if you don’t?

Our suggestion is, if you’re not sure whether you need Semantic Traffic Technologies, why don’t you Ask Google or Siri to find a price or information about one of the products or services you sell and then decide.

Contact Us to discover how semantic traffic technologies will work for you.

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