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Understanding Semantic Traffic Technologies

The name of our company, Semantia, is a derivative of the word semantics, which relates to logic and the meaning of language.

The way humans interpret information and the way IT (computers and software) interprets information is very different, which gave us the semantic web. Now there is semantic traffic technologies – that capitalises on the fundamentals of the semantic web for traffic.

Semantic Traffic Technologies: Speaking to Robots

Semantia’s Luce Chandon is the architect of semantic traffic technologies. A broad collection of technologies that assist in information understand-ability for humans and machines.

Consider the idea that an intelligent question asked by a human, one with implied context, needs to be translated for a machine to understand it before it can do anything with it. Let’s imagine that the question is a search inquiry and the machine is Google search engine and its bots.

Using old school SEO keywords as an example

A webpage has been search engine optimised for the keyword phrase “close docklands pizza”

The machine needs to understand what these individual words means before it can decide when it is most useful to display this page in SERPs.

As a human you can guess at a few different meanings – “when is docklands pizza restaurant closed”, “a pizza place that is close to docklands”, “things that are nearby to docklands pizza” and even more possibilities.

The machine, Google in this case, doesn’t have the benefit of our human intelligence, so can’t really do a good job of evaluating when this would be a useful result. Unless we provide additional context.

Semantic traffic technologies provides the additional context that’s needed to help the machine better understand our human intentions. And it’s not just Google that needs to understand the information in your website; and in the cloud.

Everyday Life with Semantic Technologies

As machines become our personal assistants (in the form of personal bots and AI), they will affect user buying choices. As bots learn more about their users habits, they will be the information and content providers of the future.

Big data businesses such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Netflix are already on track with semantic technologies. Making the information they already have more understandable, reusable and increasingly a powerful asset in their business model.

Staying ahead in the online space goes well beyond SEO. For mid-sized enterprises worried about how they are ranking on Google; it’s time to look at the bigger picture that’s unfolding.

Founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma puts it best “the world is going to be data”.

Making your data understandable using semantics is the only way you turn it into value.

Even if you’re not interested in big data, consider the implications of Internet of Things (IoT) and how that technological wave will impact on your business future.

Semantic Traffic Technologies done for you

Semantia uses intelligent XaaS integration and development to combine technologies that get the best out of enterprise systems. When coupled with semantic optimisation of data, more is possible and data becomes meaningful information.

Semantic traffic technologies further enhance to benefit with online sales and marketing outcomes as well as provide automation opportunities. Providing context to the information on your site and in the cloud allows authorised bots that come your way, the ability to navigate and work with your data in a meaningful value-added way.

Are you marketing to a person, or are you marketing to their smart device?

In the world of the near future, it will be the smart device that becomes the gatekeeper. Getting through to the end-user will mean being able to communicate with the machine as well as the human intelligently. Being ready is what’s possible right now.

Discover how semantic traffic technologies will make you ready.

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