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XaaS Hooks for Infusionsoft™ Extends Cloud Automation and Project Management

What does it really take to get systems communicating in the cloud?

It should be easy right?

When it comes to cloud automation and project management systems communicating with CRM systems, some initial investigation suggested it should be straightforward.

With a growing number of cloud integration platforms available as SaaS solutions; connecting many of the most popular project management and CRM solutions, one could mistakenly be led to believe it to be plug-n-play.

Not so fast.

Through our work at Conversion Leadership, Semantia’s digital marketing arm and Infusionsoft partner based in Melbourne, we needed to find a better way to automate project management tasks in Dapulse and opportunities managed within the Infusionsoft platform.

Scope Management with Software Integration

Our client, a national property investment company, is an active user of both Infusionsoft (for front-office CRM and marketing automation) and Dapulse (for back-office project and task management).

Dealing with approximately 600-800 leads per month, Infusionsoft is the main platform used for marketing automation managing the customer journey.

There is an inflexion point along the customer journey when marketing turns into a sales opportunity. At this stage, the relationship is treated as a “project” and managed quite differently.

Our client selected Dapulse as their project and task management platform for its ease of use and reporting.

So, at this point, they had two discrete systems operating quite independently and, it became a challenge to manage both the business operations for the company, as well as tasks for individual sales representatives.

Our client had an initial look at Zapier and, on paper at least, Zapier provides integration capabilities between Infusionsoft and Dapulse. Both forward and backward!

After deeper investigation though, limitations existed.

Whilst Zapier is able to communicate changes to Infusionsoft opportunities to Dapulse, it was not able to reflect updates to pulses (in dapulse) in Infusionsoft opportunities.

XaaS Hooks for Infusionsoft Bridges the Gap between Cloud Automation and Project Management

Through our historical work in data integration, we developed a way to enrich the workflow for our client’s enterprise by using Zapier to integrate Infusionsoft and Dapulse – preserving data semantics between the two systems.

When a new opportunity is identified in Infusionsoft it can then be funnelled through Zapier and becomes a new pulse in Dapulse.

For communication from Dapulse to Infusionsoft, our IT architects at Semantia created an Infusionsoft bridge (part of our Xaas Hooks for Cloud Automation) that operates as an intelligent extension of Zapier.

cloud automation project management

The Xaas Hooks bridging system for cloud automation allows Infusionsoft and Dapulse to collaborate and exchange information more effectively so our client can easily track company projects.

When changes occur in Dapulse (e.g. a pulse is updated), the Xaas Hooks extend Zapier’s capabilities to more accurately reflect those changes in the corresponding Infusionsoft Opportunity.

Xaas Hooks strengthen the relationship between two SaaS apps and can be configured for just about any program.

For our client, it was used to enable cloud automation with Project Management and CRM systems – allowing Dapulse and Infusionsoft applications to collaborate and work cohesively together.

With this in place, our Client’s administration and sales teams are now achieving even more by doing even less.

Do you need your SaaS Apps to exchange even more information?

Get in touch today and let us know!

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