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Fake News, False Claims

Fake News, False Claims, Information Overload and Your Target Audience

As consumers, we strive for truth and authenticity when seeking information. Yet, despite having access to information like we never have before, why is it that consumers still fall victim to fake news and false claims?

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Semantia Audit for My Business Excellence

Semantia Digital Marketing Audit Packs a Punch for Business Excellence

When Dr Rehn had a marketing strategist let him down, he was in a pinch. His business, training venture needed exposure. Following intensive research online, he turned to Semantia for our experience in SEO and Infusionsoft and hasn’t looked back.

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Heaviest element known to science

Heaviest element known to science discovered in Australia

Not so fast!! Scientists purportedly from CSIRO in Canberra, have announced the discovery of the heaviest, non-decaying, inert, inhibitor element yet known to science in Australia.

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Sy Pham - Proud Para Table Tennis Competitor

When Pride takes Centre Court

For many people, pride, it seems, has a particular meaning; preventing them from achieving their full potential. For a few inspiring ones however, pride plays a special role when it comes to achievements and feeling good about those things we have made happen.

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PTXchange - Vehicle Transport Affiliate Program

Semantia Innovation leads to Award-winning Vehicle Transport Solution

PrixCar Transport Services and Semantia Pty Ltd breathe new life into the vehicle relocations industry with the PTXchange – Australia’s first vehicle transport affiliate program.

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Conversion Rate Dashboard Integration

Highcharts Drill Down with Stacked Columns

As part of our Conversion Rate Intelligence initiative, we’ve been playing around with the Highcharts API. This article provides code fragment and example that might provide the help you need to get stacked columns working with multiple levels of drill down

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Prixcartransport Affiliate Program

PrixCar Transport Creates Affiliate Programme That’s An Australian First

PrixCar Transport Services is a leading car transport company, trusted by vehicle manufacturers, relocation specialists, dealers and consumers to safely …

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Hiring Programmers

Why Is Hiring Programmers Difficult?

This piece explores the ever-vexing problem of hiring computer programmers. It discusses one of the basic problems with hiring programmers: …

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Google gives up on older Android versions

Google Has Given Up on Previous Android Versions

Google has given up on previous Android versions. Google announced recently that it would no longer be sending out security …

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Cloud Computing with several digital devices

An Explanation of How the Cloud Gained Power

It seems inevitable that everything will drift up into the cloud, but why is floating storage so much more attractive …

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