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big data for business intelligence

How to Use Big Data for Business Intelligence Gathering

The secret to bottom-line success lays within your data – using big data for business intelligence gives you the insights needed to make strategic and mission critical decisions.
When your organization has so much data – big data, the starting point has to be, knowing what questions to ask.

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reclaim your brand when your spokesperson goes rogue

Reclaim Your Brand When Your Spokesperson Goes Rogue

When a spokesperson goes rogue in their communications, whether it be online or at a live public event, it’s time to begin working on how you will reclaim your brand.

It can be anyone associated with your brand that goes off book and causes a stir, it’s your comms team that need to be prepared and armed with the tools necessary to tackle the challenges ahead.

Strategic planning allows your business to assuage stakeholder fears and calm the fiery public outcry.

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process management

Process Management and Operational Responsiveness

Process management is a system that enables operational responsiveness. It is a system that anticipates industry climates and allows your …

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Prepare your business for transformation

Prepare Your Business for Transformation

Operational responsiveness gives businesses the ability to respond to changing conditions and customer interactions as they occur. Capitalise on opportunities, drive greater efficiencies, and reduce risk.

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manage your mobile workforce

Manage Your Mobile Workforce: Share Data through SaaS

Manage your mobile workforce with an automated system and distribute tasks through a collaborative platform. We have our smart phones …

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Why Data Visualisation Works

A dashboard is a tool that acts as an interface between data and business intelligence. Through data visualisation, current state of business operations can become alive and far easier to act upon.

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visual analytics enhance business intelligence

How Visual Analytics Enhance Business Intelligence

Visual analytics enhance business intelligence by presenting big data concepts in a way that can be interpreted by novices and professionals alike. Done right, they help us gain a better understanding of our business world and how we interact with it.

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automatically generated KPI reports

Automatically Generated KPI Reports breathes life into Data Analytics Warehouse

How a simple need to automatically generate KPI Reports, led to the creation of a massive data analytics warehouse and the display of real-time metrics throughout the business. In doing, it helped position our Client for increased customer agility and operational responsiveness.

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semantic traffic technologies

SEO vs Semantic Traffic Technologies

Old school SEO vs Semantia Traffic Technologies – Concepts shaping the new way for getting your online information and assets discovered.

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semantic traffic technologies

Understanding Semantic Traffic Technologies

The way humans interpret information and the way IT (computers and software) interprets information is very different. Semantic traffic technologies capitalise on the fundamentals of the semantic web for high-performing, search traffic generation.

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