Business Automation

A survey of 1,400 CIOs by Gartner Executive Programs revealed that the top business priority of their company was business process improvement.

With increasing pressure to keep costs down, improve their performance and service delivery, successful companies turn to solutions that automate processes, standardise best practices, and improve efficiency.

Over the past decade, increased interest to business processes, their improvement and their automation grows out of the need to streamline business operations, consolidate organizations, and reduce costs.

Productivity Increase Through Business Automation

Better processes produce lower costs, motivated employees, and happier customers. This starts with examining how work is accomplished, documenting current processes, and then improving those processes.

However, simply documenting processes and relying on manual process implementation does not give business managers real control over the process. By automating processes, even without any process redesign or improvement, a business can often achieve productivity improvements of more than 12 percent.

Continuous Business Improvement

Continuous improvement is at the heart of business automation. The ability to have the information with which to continuously improve processes and consistently gain incremental return on investment (ROI) on a is a major benefit of business automation.

Business process automation can initiate the process; orchestrate the people, data, and artefacts involved in the process; and give managers visibility into how the process is operating, where the bottlenecks may be, and highlight process improvements.

The key to continuous improvement through business automation exists in selecting the right data to measure and knowing what the measurements mean.

We work with our clients to understand the key drivers of their business and to implement, monitor and optimise key parts of their business as a sequence of automated processes.

Benefits of Business Automation

Improved Efficiency

Many business processes span systems, departments, or even external business partners. Manual effort, poor hand-offs between departments or partners, and the general inability to monitor overall progress results is a significant waste for most processes.

Process automation eliminates or significantly reduces these problems with a resultant reduction in labor hours, time span, and increased throughput.

Increased Productivity

By automating processes that are currently being implemented manually, individuals can work more efficiently and can take on new or additional workloads.

Business automation allows us and our clients to rise to the challenge of being asked to do more with less.

Shorter Cycle Times

By automating processes, they are kept moving, hand-offs are facilitated, consistency is assured, and cycle times to complete the process are shortened.

Getting the product or service to the end user or to market quicker can result in significant financial benefits.

Consistent Process Implementation

Consistency comes from having a documented process that is understood and followed every time. Process automation makes the process easy to understand and enforces adherence to the process steps.

This eliminates missed steps often found in manual processes, resulting in consistent, reliable measures that assist in making decisions and implementing process improvements.

Improved Customer Service and Satisfaction

Customers are much more satisfied when they receive timely, top quality products and services.

Process automation enables you to build consistency into your products and services, facilitate continuous improvement, and get the product or service to your customer faster. Happy customers are repeat customers.

Above all, business automation results in direct bottom-line reduction of costs, accelerated productivity and, of course, improved profitability. All things every company is seeking.

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