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Fake News, False Claims

Fake News, False Claims, Information Overload and Your Target Audience

As consumers, we strive for truth and authenticity when seeking information. Yet, despite having access to information like we never have before, why is it that consumers still fall victim to fake news and false claims?

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Hiring Programmers

Why Is Hiring Programmers Difficult?

This piece explores the ever-vexing problem of hiring computer programmers. It discusses one of the basic problems with hiring programmers: …

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Google gives up on older Android versions

Google Has Given Up on Previous Android Versions

Google has given up on previous Android versions. Google announced recently that it would no longer be sending out security …

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Cloud Computing with several digital devices

An Explanation of How the Cloud Gained Power

It seems inevitable that everything will drift up into the cloud, but why is floating storage so much more attractive …

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Bilbo hack detects unsecure Wi-Fi

One of the Greatest Toy Modifications of All Time

Ever wish you had a quick way of detecting unsecured wi-fi networks? More importantly, ever wish you had a quick …

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