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semantic traffic technologies

SEO vs Semantic Traffic Technologies

Old school SEO vs Semantia Traffic Technologies – Concepts shaping the new way for getting your online information and assets discovered.

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semantic traffic technologies

Understanding Semantic Traffic Technologies

The name of our company, Semantia, is a derivative of the word semantics, which relates to logic and the meaning …

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cloud automation

Using Cloud Automation and Geocoding Services to Streamline the Lead Distribution Workflow

How do you go about addressing the challenge of distributing more than 800 leads per month across 35 sales reps …

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cloud automation and project management

XaaS Hooks for Infusionsoft™ Extends Cloud Automation and Project Management

What does it really take to get systems communicating in the cloud? It should be easy right? When it comes …

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Retail Automotive Solutions

PrixCar Continues Domination of Retail Automotive Solutions-Semantia is there to Make It Happen

PrixCar Services, Australia’s leading automotive transport specialist, continues to dominate the Australian vehicle transport industry with the launch of new …

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Innovative Transport and Logistics

The Prixcar Story of Innovative Transport and Logistics through Technology Success

The tale of Prixcar is one of great success as they create innovative transport and logistics solutions. Through the use …

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b2b australian business

Semantia Partners with Telstra to Bring in Reinforcements for B2B Australian Business

It’s difficult to keep a company relevant when entire industries, particularly B2B Australian Business, are being disrupted by apps and …

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quoting systems for lead generation

Create Better Quoting Systems for Lead Generation

Calculations allow us to make sense of the world, and quoting systems for lead generation has been a successful strategy …

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Supplier Engagement

Don’t Just Trust Your Suppliers: Engage them to understand what makes them Tick

Engaged teams involve passion and, an environment of trust and the creation of “adventures” in order to achieve outstanding results and when that those same principles are applied to a Client-Supplier relationship, magical things can happen.

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Semantia Audit for My Business Excellence

Digital Marketing Audit Packs a Punch for Business Excellence

When Dr Rehn had a marketing strategist let him down, he was in a pinch. His business, training venture needed exposure. Following intensive research online, he turned to Semantia for our experience in SEO and Infusionsoft and hasn’t looked back.

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Heaviest element ever discovered

Heaviest element ever Discovered in Australia

Not so fast!! Scientists purportedly from CSIRO in Canberra, have announced the discovery of the heaviest, non-decaying, inert, inhibitor element yet known to science in Australia.

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