Conversion Leadership Wins with Google Hummingbird SEO Shake Up

Melbourne, Australia – September 30, 2013 – Conversion Leadership, the digital marketing division of Semantia Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the next evolution of its services in response to Google’s recent algorithm update – called Hummingbird.

With this latest algorithm change Google has signalled it’s intention to move ever more swiftly to natural language search (also being called conversational search), meaning the days of keyword focused SEO are drawing to a close.

Conversion Leadership welcomes the Hummingbird algorithm update as a major step forward in the validation of it’s Automated Closed-loop Marketing services which gives our clients more natural meaningful connections and engagement with customers.

“Online business and digital marketing has to evolve inline with the way real people engage using smart mobile devices.”, said Luce Chandon of Semantia. “It’s no longer a secret that businesses claiming leadership on the basis of keywords have their days numbered.”


Conversion Leadership provides all-in-one sales and marketing solutions for small and medium sized businesses to help them automatically market their products & services to get more customers, grow sales and save time.

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