PrixCar Transport Australia moves vehicles around the nation and provides B2B vehicle transportation services

PrixCar Transport Move Into High Gear With Semantia

Semantia successfully launches rebranded website for PrixCar Transport Services – Australian’s leading car transport company.

In late 2012, Australia’s leading car transport company PrixCar Transport (formerly Toll Auto) requested a redevelopment and rebranding of their existing consumer-focused website.

The site retains is heavy alignment with PrixCar’s ideal customer profile and builds on the core underlying technology and analytics.

Website Metrics In Summary

Since commencing work with PrixCar (as Toll Auto), the total number of visitors have increased by more than 100%.

There were more than 33,000 pages viewed with visitors spending an average of 2:19 minutes on the site. Our client’s site is ranking on the first page of Google for more than 750 search terms.

Combined with an enhanced online quoting system, integrated PrixCar’s own internally-developed rating engine, the site is converting (to sales) at the rate of more than 11%.

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