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Semantia Achieves Infusionsoft Certified Partner Status

We are delighted to be building on our reputation for innovation by announcing that Semantia was recently awarded Infusionsoft Certified Partner status.

Held at Potts Point on February 27, 2014, Infusionsoft’s certification process included a six-hour examination process through which participants were required to demonstrate an extremely high level of familiarity with the system as well as a proficiency in converting real-world business scenarios into workable solutions by applying Infusionsoft’s Lifecycle Marketing methodology.

Infusionsoft Certified Partner

“We’re humbled and excited with the prospect of working even closer with Infusionsoft”, said Luce Chandon. “Certification is not only an acknowledgement of our capabilities by Infusionsoft, it also validates to our clients that they’re receiving world-class service from our people.”

“We’re also privileged to have what is arguably the best team focused on Infusionsoft with all 3 of our attendees successfully achieving certification. It’s truly a testament to the calibre of and dedication of our staff.”

With a unique emphasis on providing services throughout the entire business lifecycle, from growth in early stages and onto the cost optimisation strategies required by mature organisations, Semantia blends high-technology, neuromarketing principles and a well-defined methodology to deliver real-world results for clients.

Find out more about how you can leverage our expertise in Digital Marketing. Read about our approach to developing a Digital Strategy and request a copy of the workbook to get started.

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