Digital Marketing

Every time a customer interacts with your business, they’re telling you something. Every click. Every call. Every purchase. Every interaction tells a story.

Conversion Leadership

Conversion Leadership

We created Conversion Leadership because many of our clients began asking if we were able to improve their online marketing.

So, that’s what we did.

Digital Marketing and, in particular, Automated Closed-loop Marketing is the process of using scientific and empirical evidence to support the continuous evolution of a website so that it is “working” for the business and delivering measurable results.

We set up Conversion Leadership to deliver customised digital marketing process outsourcing services to medium-sized businesses.

Services are highly-targeted towards traffic generation and optimising conversion rate opportunities throughout the customer lifecycle.


Increase in website traffic


Highly targeted keywords ranking in the top three positions


Of traffic is from new visitors with a 30% bounce rate


A major car transport provider turned to Semantia and Conversion Leadership for help with getting it’s website into shape.

With an outdated website and an inability to measure the real ROI of their current efforts, they soon discovered they were spending significantly more than was actually needed.

What we Did

We helped the client to recognise that by focusing too broadly, they were alienating and missing the opportunity to dominate a significant and profitable sector of their market.

We worked closely with them to develop a strategy for targeting the new market.

We took charge of all content creation and optimisation and converting digital assets; selected and created the website and established the initial benchmarks.

We undertook a range of activities designed to optimise the website’s performance as a sales and marketing platform.


We developed the strategy and launched the new website within 90 days. We saw and increase in traffic by 10% within the first month.

Now, more than two years since we started, together with our client undergoing a corporate rebranding activity to boot, they now command the top three positions in search engines that matter for more than 130 “non-branded” keyword phrases.

Organic search now accounts for more than 12,000 new visits to the site per month. Furthermore, the total traffic is up 258% more than when we started and the site is delivering an ROI of more than 1,000%.

Strategy & Execution

Complete strategy and roadmap developed and executed on your behalf


Our relationship is "win-win". For us to win, you have to win.

Results Focused

Continuous optimisation for bottom-line results

Best Practices

Leverages industry best practices to introduce your business to a wider audience

Closed Loop

Evolution of your digital strategy tapers your customers' lifecycle

Packaged Solutions

Processes and technologies that are customised to work effectively in your business.

Your customers are online searching for information about your products and services. According to Google, four out of ten people prefer to research online and then purchase offline.

By getting your business in front of customers who are browsing during the research phase, you can drive real results.

We’ve come to learn that Digital Marketing is not just about page rank and keywords when it comes to growing your business. Yes, we do focus our efforts on driving high-quality traffic.

But we also focus on nurturing prospective buyers along high-converting, automated marketing, sales and operational processes.

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