Digital Strategy

Craft Online Strategies that are as unique as markets you serve. Use data to make better decisions.

Our clients recognise that the development of a single integrated business IT strategy is crucial for achieving success in a digital world.

Developing a digital IT strategy involves the identification of opportunities across digital and defining the execution plan to take advantage of those opportunities. Setting clear goals and selecting measurable IT performance metrics are the most crucial elements of any strategy.

The first experience our clients have of working with our experts is through our DigitalSTARTM Blueprinting process.

We focus on Strategy, Tactics, Activities and Roadmap.


Many years ago, Peter Drucker, consulting to the Ford Motor Company asked “What business are you in?”

They said, “Making cars.”

He replied, “No you’re not. You’re in the business of making money.”

When it comes to the next-generation of online businesses, you need to think along the same lines.

A business' purpose is primarily to make money and our purpose it to help you do just that.

Businesses that are able to recognise and act on the changes happening in their industries will be the winners in this New Online Economy.


Imagine you've entered a forest. Your goal is to reach the waterfall of eternal riches.

You have no map but you do have the ability to view the forest from hundreds of feet above. Unfortunately you can't do this at the same time you're navigating the forest.

You view the forest. Then navigate. View the forest. Readjust your course. Navigate. etc...

The longer you spend in the forest trying to operate from memory without actually evaluating if your current path is in accordance with your goals the more likely you are to stray from the path.

Defining the tactics you'll use in your Digital Strategy establishes the markers you need to look out for to be sure you're making progress towards your waterfall of eternal riches.

Establishing points of reference lets you know you're on the track.


Identifying the set of possible tactics required to achieve your Digital Strategy is not enough. They will reveal well-traversed paths that your competitors have used to navigate your forest.

Your business is unique and plotting the ideal path for you requires assessment of your business' capabilities and the resources you have available at your disposal.

A carefully constructed activities plan identifies the low hanging fruit that will sustain operational efficiencies while making headway towards your goals and objectives.


The Roadmap brings it all together.

This is your blueprint for online business success and provides you with your unique map of company's IT strategy.

It includes existing resources that can be leveraged off, any new capabilities must be developed, the optimal order and the expected cost associated with realising your Digital Strategy.

Your Digital Strategy contains:

  • A detailed analysis of your company’s competitive landscape;
  • Identification of target market demographics and ideal customer profiles;
  • Identification of customer engagement opportunities;
  • Selection of marketing channels;
  • The Key IT Performance Metrics by which your online success can be measured;
  • Examination of Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2B) opportunities;
  • Timing and budgets; and
  • Our unique positioning of opportunities designed accelerate results and create a self-sustaining business model for you to move forward with.

The foundation for the DigitalSTAR Blueprinting process is the result of our extensive background in creating enterprise and strategic architecture frameworks for many of Australia’s leading brands including Sensis, Coles, Toll Group & PrixCar Transport Services.

Just like these companies, and many others, who have turned to Semantia to future-proof many parts of their business, you can too.

Start on your path towards becoming a DigitalSTAR

  • Yes! Your online strategy uncovered.
    Helps you understand what your customer really want and gets you position to provide it to them.
  • Yes! Your competitors’ tactics revealed.
    Provides insight into why your competitors are so competitive and lets you identify weaknesses in their and your strategy.
  • Yes! The activities with the highest payoff are highlighted.
    Find the low hanging fruit and uncover what is really possible with a little knowledge.
  • Yes! Your platform for an effective referral strategy.
    Referrals are the cheapest form of marketing. Creating relationships with complementary suppliers help you get access to new markets. And that means more leads.
  • Download your copy of our complimentary
    Digital Strategy Planning Workbook
    now and begin creating your path to a successful digital strategy.

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