Strategic Architecture

Like the construction industry, business ideas need a coherent & feasible technical design before it can be successful built.

You’re about make a substantial IT investment in your business and have one doubt too many about the real success of the outcome from that investment.

You decide to proceed and that initial doubt you had at the start is suddenly manifested and threatening to derail the entire project.

In a matter of months, your worst fears become a reality. Your project is fragmented. There is not a single person on your entire extended team who can give you the full picture of what’s going on.

The vision, is seems, is fragmented or, at worst, non-existent.

For many, this is a familiar situation and in some way you may have even experienced this yourself in a real life project.

IT problems are up to 10 times less expensive to correct when caught early

Research has shown that IT solution problems are a lot less expensive to correct when caught early. Sometimes by up to 10 times or more. And even then, preventing the problems from even arising because you’ve put in place sound practices and metrics to follow could save millions.

If there are more productive uses for your tight budgets and you’re about to commence a complex IT Transformation program, read on…because making a sound decision about how you allocate resource early on and the quality of those resources is more important than the contingency dollars you allocate.

Proper Planning Succeeds Contingencies

It is well known within the IT community that the longer a flaw or deficiency is left untethered, the more expensive it becomes to correct. Which is why it is always best to address a problem as soon is it has been brought to your attention.

With this in mind, it would be logical to actively seek solutions to potential problems with the view to adopting them as guiding principles throughout the duration of the project. Quite simply, if you already know the potential pitfalls in advance, you stand a better chance of correcting them if they arise.

A systemised, step-by-step process to clarifying your most complex IT challenges.

A Strategic Architecture lets you consider a number of possible scenarios that can play out, in advance, and decide on the order in which these scenarios could happen and put in place steps and strategies to manage the downside risk.

In simple terms, Strategic Architecture takes you through a systemised, step-by-step process to clarifying the most important aspects of even the most complex IT challenges.

The best Strategic Architectures are the ones that incorporate views from both business and IT stakeholders and this needs the involvement of an entire team.

The Importance of a Well-Facilitated Team

The best results often come from leveraging that are in place already. Your team members are already domain experts in their own fields. That’s why they hold the positions and esteem that they do.

Working with domain experts means arming them with new insights and skills for achieving more effective results even faster.

As projects grow in size, their complexity increases geometrically and, unless dedicated teams are set up specifically for the project, getting (and maintaining) their complete attention will become increasingly challenging. Your ability to align key people to a vision is paramount.

Strategic Architects

When you engage Semantia at Strategic Architecture level, you get more than just a Solution Architect. You gain access to our Inner Circle where we share pertinent knowledge and skills that you can put to work immediately.

Your business IT guide to decisions, planning and education and delivery.

Semantia assigns a Strategic Architect who will guide you through decisions, facilitate multi-member planning forums and technical & education delivery. Each step will be shared with you ahead of time so you know exactly what will happen and when it will happen.

We will also lead your team through the Architecture Blueprint Design process and will deliver a separate, live 2-hour presentation in your boardroom or other venue.

What’s your next IT move?

What price can you put on a situation where all of your key stakeholders are on the same page and all conspiring towards the success of each and every project?

Your time is now to discover Strategic Architecture from Semantia.

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